Fajas MYD 0055 | Womens Waist Cincher Vest

$ 59.99

Shape your body and steal all looks with the help of this Womens Waist Cincher Vest! It will make you look great while making you feel even better. Now you can show the world how beautiful your body looks like with this thong body shaper.

This Womens Waist Cincher Vest can be used after giving birth or as an everyday girdle without feeling any discomfort. It doesn't mean you cannot wear after surgery (an abdominoplasty or liposuction). This Womens Waist Cincher Vest will make you feel great with anything, any time.

The powernet used in this Womens Waist Cincher Vest will let your skin be at ease. This fabric also provides you with the right compression level. The internal microfiber lining allows the skin to breathe when wearing this thong body shaper, no matter for how long you wear it.

The thong in this waist cincher thong bodysuit is removable, letting you go to the restroom in an easy way. The covered back serves as a posture corrector. The 2 level hook and eye closure lets you adjust the Womens Waist Cincher Vest even if you lose weight.

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