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Results of the laser lipolysis with our Infinitek Reducing Creams

by Marielysa Castellano June 19, 2017

Looking at ourselves in the mirror tends to be a real reflective therapy, simply because the reflexion of what we see does not impress us. We would like to have the perfect curves and the ideal measures. There are many treatments that we can get done to achieve the silhouette we desire, but even better than a laser lipolysis to reduce those sizes or vanish that extra fat, selecting a fat reducing cream is sometimes the best option for most people. And what if the fat reducing cream is made from caffeine lotion and seaweed gel ?

We get tired of the “Grandma Recipes” trying to reach that magical potion that would vanish all of our wrongs. Let me tell you that your grandma was right! If the problem is to reduce sizes and get over with cellulitis, the caffeine lotion and the seaweed gel are 2 of the perfect ingredients to reach the ideal body.

For that Infinitek has created 2 excellent products. One of them being the hot cream with caffeine and the other one a seaweed cold reducing gel. Both being anti-cellulite and with powerful reducing and anti-aging effects.

Just like laser lipolysis but using reducing creams


laser lipolysis


Infinitek anti-cellulite hot caffeine cream or fat burning gel is a fabulous product to get the firmness and softness in your skin and muscles. This happens because within these amazing effects you get the muscular relaxation you need after exercising.

Apart from getting the sizes reduction, the Infinitek anti-cellulite hot caffeine cream eliminates the stored fat, and the main ingredient gives it a natural detoxifying effect. This caffeine lotion has a similar lipolytic effect as the laser lipolysis. It is a wonder!

Another great benefit of the caffeine lotion is that the effect against the varicose veins is powerful. It decreases the veins pressure and in that way you can completely forget about your legs feeling sored.

laser lipolysis


Infinitek did not only think about the hot creams but also about a cold reducing and firming gel. And for that we have the Infinitek Reduction & firming seaweed cold gel . This gel doesn't only reduce sizes, but it also attacks the fat that stores under the skin or cellulite directly. It re-activates the veins movement and with the seaweed effect it gives amazing anti-cellulite results. In a natural way, of course.

The advisable thing to do is to use this reducing gel along with latex girdles. This is for better absorption and reducing effect. You can be sure that with these 2 creams and the right colombian girdle body shaper you will get the best and fastest visible results.

What colombian girdles to use with these reducing creams?

The best way to use these creams is after exercising when it comes to the Infinitek anti-cellulite hot caffeine cream . And while exercising the Infinitek Reduction & firming seaweed . But in both cases the use of a colombian girdle is an excellent complement to help you in the abdominal area and your waist.

laser lipolysis


One of the favorite girdles for exercising is the LATY ROSE 1042 . It's a corset with a 3 level hook and eye closure and with a compression that reduces your abdomen up to 3 inches. Picture yourself wearing these fat reducing cream !

T he LATY ROSE 1042 enhances your posture and has flexible bones that keep the edges of the girdle from folding. It reduces the odors produced by the spandex. It burns fat and thanks to the flat seams it is hard to notice if you decide to wear it under your clothing. But let me tell you a secret: it is the ideal one for exercising!

This colombian girdle, besides helping you reduce sizes visibly, will give you a more feminine look because of the pink color that we love so much. It also softens your curves and creates that small waist figure we all long for. It comes from size XS to the 3XL size, thinking about all kinds of body we have.

laser lipolysis


Another excellent option to use the fat reducing cream while exercising is the FAJA SALOME WAIST CINCHER 0315-1 . It is one of our colombian waist cinchers that molds your figure, enhancing your torso and smoothing your waist shape. It has 9 flexible bones that enhance your figure making you look thinner. It has a great compression level thanks to its internal hooks, apart from a flat closure that maximizes the compression and that it is not visible under your clothing.

The FAJA SALOME WAIST CINCHER 0315-1 comes in 7 sizes and in beige and black. It is one of our most popular waist cinchers. It offers compression, it reduces and beautifies your figure. It is perfect to wear while you exercise.

In Shapes Secrets we think that the figure you want to see in front of the mirror is possible with consistency and dedication. Get the necessary inspiration with our reducing creams and your favorite garment, the first step is yours!

laser lipolysis

Marielysa Castellano
Marielysa Castellano

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